HE has no uterus
But produced love with its quintessence.
HE posses assertive masculine gesticulation
Even in the upshot of anger, punishment.
Though can feel, as a premature, the softness in HIS chest.
Not as an apathetic foster father bestow HIS love.
Not being strong in unforgiveness.
Not been courageous in abandonment.
Not independent to afflict with non-elective freedom.
Will not disregard leniency, clemency as a bloke.
But been and is emotional, not as someone.
Yes, fervent, loving, merciful, caring.
Possess every feature in mind as I pertain.
I can sense, as an unborn infant in the mother’s womb, the groaning gentle cry!
So I call HIM,
Who is extravagantly higher than JESUS who forgets not though a woman forgets the baby at her breast?

– HE must increase and I must decrease.